Emily Haver is a Seattle and Shanghai based actor, writer, and director. She has her B.A. in Theatre and a minor in Chinese from Seattle University, and is currently pursuing a M.A. in Intercultural Communication Studies at Shanghai Theatre Academy. Emily grew up in the Washington cities of Seattle and Renton, and spent her teenage years living in southern China and travelling all over SE Asia.

Artistic Mission

As a theatre artist Emily collaborates across cultures, making ensemble and experimentation-based work that provokes social questions and is emotionally grounded.

Education & Interests

During her time at Seattle University, Emily had the opportunity to study acting, movement, voice, clowning, and stage combat under a variety of pedagogies. As Jesuit institution, SU is centered on educating the whole person and empowering leaders for a just and humane world. Thanks to this, Emily is uniquely prepared to serve communities through her art, as she has the intellectual and experiential tools to grapple with contemporary sociopolitical issues.

At Shanghai Theatre Academy, Emily is integrating her passions of theatre and Chinese by pursing her M.A. in Intercultural Communication Studies. STA’s program combines both practical work and academic study and research in the context of global theatre. Established in 1945, STA is one of the most renowned art institutes in China and is based in Shanghai, a vibrant cosmopolitan city. She strives to be an internationally minded artist reactive to the complexities of an ever-changing global community.

Artistically, Emily is passionate about the potential of revisited classical work like Shakespeare and the Greeks, making devised works that combine text and movement, and practices such as Theatre of Cruelty, Epic Theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed, and Theatre of The Absurd. You can see more of her current inspirations on her blog/digital mood board Existing Emily.