As a writer, Emily is inspired by nature, the place in between dreams and memories, and the people she loves. She loves to find the magic and absurdity in slivers of life, whether it's a sudden vision of a refrigerator on a white sandy beach, or a child playing hide-and-go-seek with their pet rock! As a playwright, she follows a thread of childlike wonder, imagination, and questioning-- always asking, what if?-- while still remaining emotionally grounded, socially aware, and connected with real human experience.

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little moons
The ten-minute play "little moons" is a sweet and silly meditation on finding love and connection in unexpected places. In the piece, two characters come together to witness a solar eclipse while wearing hydrating face masks and listening to Debussy's Clair de Lune. You know, normal things. The play is a reminder that love and magic are real-- we just have to remember to keep ourselves open to experiencing them.

Production History: One World Theatre— Shanghai, June 2018
Directed by De Anne Dubin, starring Astrid Larrea as YOUNG WOMAN and James Robert Lyon as YOUNG MAN