Hello internet! Since I am moving to China in a month and a half to start a M.A. in Intercultural Communication Studies at Shanghai Theatre Academy, I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog chronicling my time overseas, both for myself and for anyone else interested in my journey.


A little bit about me: I’m a theatre artist from Seattle, Washington. I mostly grew up in the US, but I lived in southern China for three years during high school and for a semester during college. At Seattle University, I received a B.A. in Theatre with a minor in Chinese. One thing that always bothered me during undergrad was how my two areas of interest were seemingly at odds. On one hand I had my love of art and theatre, and on the other hand there was my love of travel and languages. I had been able to combine them in the past—in fact a theatre festival in Hong Kong during high school was the moment when I realized I wanted to do theatre for the rest of my life!


That brings me to my senior year of college—I was finishing up my undergraduate career and felt pulled between my artistic goals as an actor/director/playwright, and my interests both in travel and in academia. This is when I remembered a master’s program I had discovered the summer after my sophomore year in college: a M.A. in Intercultural Communication Studies at Shanghai Theatre Academy, i.e. a program that seemed to be handmade just for me! Where else would I get to be an artist, academic, and world traveler honing my Chinese skills? I applied to the program, and after progressing through the admissions process which included interviews and examinations, I was accepted into the two year program! It is fully funded with a scholarship, living accommodations, and a monthly stipend—I just have to get myself over to Shanghai, and I’m all set.

I’m both excited and nervous to start this new chapter of my life, but I feel (mostly) ready to step into the unknown and push myself to grow. If you want to keep up with what’s happening during this adventurer, this blog is the place to do it! Before I leave, I’ll be making more posts sharing information about the program, the admissions process, and what I am doing to prepare for moving across the Pacific Ocean!

谢谢读我的博客! (Thanks for reading my blog!)